Long-term contract


CARDEL GLOBAL provides transportation for directors and decision-makers from some of the largest French and European groups in all sectors by means of its primary international people transportation activity. Given this proximity and the unique relationship that exists between CARDEL GLOBAL and its clients, offering a range of long-term services appeared to be the next logical step in terms of the company’s development.

Indeed, aside from managing the driver’s schedule, the client really has nothing else to worry about. Everything is outsourced.

The missions entrusted to us concern the organization and implementation of the agreement, the day-to-day management of both vehicles and drivers, and invoicing.

Choices of vehicles

As part of its long-term service offering, CARDEL GLOBAL is able to provide a vehicle, or indeed several, that reflects the client’s needs. Indeed, thanks to the special relationships it maintains with its manufacturers, CARDEL GLOBAL is able to negotiate the best prices when placing an order for a vehicle and will, in fact, pass this on to the client through its offering.

CARDEL GLOBAL also offers advice with regards to helping the user to choose the vehicle that offers the best compromise between model, type and environmental factors.

CARDEL GLOBAL is an environmentally-friendly company, meaning that it will always prioritize vehicles with low CO2 emissions and is looking to the future with a range of hybrid and electric cars also available.

Quality management

Our positioning within the transportation market means that we have to adhere to a number of impeccable quality standards. This quality approach is monitored on a daily basis using the following tools :