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Société par Actions Simplifiées (SAS)
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92110 – Clichy, France
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General terms of conditions

Cardel Global is registered in France at 92/98 Boulevard Victor Hugo, Clichy 92110, as a limited liability company with authorised capital of 8,000 euros and registered on the Trade and Companies Register under registration n° 439.615.238. It has an official carrying capacity granted by the Regional Department of Equipment of the Ministry of Tourism. This is a regulated activity. Only authorised vehicles can carry out these services under the security conditions and guarantees prescribed by law. The placement of an order implies the client’s full and unconditional acceptance of the present General Terms. Any conflicting conditions outlined by the client, unless expressly accepted, shall not be enforceable against the company, regardless of the time at which the company may have been informed of the condition in question. Failure on the part of the company to enforce any of the present General Terms at any point in time shall not be construed as waiving the right to subsequently enforce any of the said terms. The company reserves the right to adapt or modify the present General Terms. 

1- Definition of the service:

The fixed price includes the vehicle in operating condition, the qualified driver, the professional insurance for the people transported, the fuel, the kilometres travelled and time according to estimates, departure and return distance to garage and any options agreed with the customer. Times and/or mileages are deducted from departure until the vehicle is returned to the garage, following pricing (with the exception of specific conditions). Any pricing unit (hour, kilometre, etc.) started must be paid for in full. Our prices include all taxes (all inclusive of tax with VAT of 5.5%) and are expressed in euros only. Cardel Global Company reserves the right to change its prices at any time and agrees to charge the prices in force at the time the client places the order. Any change in the VAT rate will be reflected in the product price inclusive of VAT. In the case of services provided to a client outside of the European Union, the price stated on the invoice will be calculated exclusive of VAT. Each client is responsible for declaring and paying the applicable VAT, customs duties, local taxes, import duties or other state tax payable in their own country. Unless otherwise stated on the purchase order, the fixed price does not include tolls and parking charges, entry to public places, telephone calls or driver meal and accommodation expenses, which also appear on our downloadable and printable pricing scale available in the Legal Mentions section of our website.

2 – Payment:

A minimum deposit of 30% of the total amount payable for the service will be required for all reservations. Unless otherwise agreed by Cardel Global, the balance of the payment is due 48 hours before the service is due to commence. In any case, the customer ordering the requested service and the signatory of the purchase order are solely responsible for payment in the event of any default on the part of the user. With regards to services provided for regular customers with an existing account at Cardel Global, payments of invoices or statements can be managed on different bases with periodic payment conditions. A guarantee may also be required, depending on the type of service. Prices are subject to change without notice (particularly in the event of significant changes in foreign currency rates). Nevertheless, all of our offers are valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated. By express agreement, and unless an extension is requested within the time frame and agreed with us, failure to make even one payment will result in all outstanding amounts being due, regardless of the anticipated method of payment, and the requirement that compensation equal to 15% of all amounts be paid, in addition to legal interest and any other legal expenses incurred.

3 – Withdrawal:

Any withdrawal of an order on the part of the client, irrespective of the reason therefor, shall result in the loss of any prepayments as a fixed and irreducible allowance. Reservations that are not cancelled before the departure of the vehicle from the garage, or for which the customer is not present when the service is provided, will be invoiced.

4 – Unavailability of the vehicle:

In the event that Cardel Global is unable to provide the vehicle specified in the contract, any amounts already received will be fully refunded without appeal and without any compensation being due for any damages caused. The instalment will, however, be retained in the event that the two parties agree to the provision of an alternative vehicle. In the event of a breakdown or accident during the provision of the service rendering the vehicle unavailable, the value of the service will be calculated in proportion to the time spent, without appeal and without any compensation being due for any damages caused. The company denies any responsibility for any failure to fulfil its contractual obligations in the event of a force majeure, including, but not limited to, disasters, fires, strikes within or outside of the company, failures or breakdowns within or outside of the company, and in more general terms any event that makes the satisfactory execution of the contract impossible.

5 – Safety and deterioration:

The driver must respect the highway code and it is strictly forbidden for him to infringe it (speed limit, one-way streets, etc.), even at the request of the customer. In the event of any deterioration of the interior equipment or other damage caused to the vehicle or other vehicles, by opening the door at the wrong time, for example, the customer shall be solely responsible for any damage caused. We kindly request that you let the driver open and close the doors. It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the vehicles; the driver is instructed to stop the vehicle to allow smokers to take a break should they so wish. In the event that the driver realises that the customer has committed an offence (by using narcotics, for example), he is instructed to cease providing the service immediately. In such cases, no refund will be issued. Unless previously arranged with us, no animals will be allowed in our vehicles other than in a safe cage or hermetic container designed for this purpose.

6 – Transportation responsibilities:

The driver is expressly relieved of his responsibilities in the event of failure on the part of the customer or of the passenger(s) to observe any of the current regulations concerning transport. Any fines, penal sanctions and material and physical damage caused to third parties or vehicles resulting either from negligence on the part of the customer or from orders issued to the driver by the customer or the user, their personnel or their guests in spite of the associated warning will be the responsibility of the customer, who will be solely responsible for the aforementioned and will suffer the consequences thereof, whatever they may be. This is particularly the case in the event of any valuables being left in the vehicle, that the number of people transported or the weight of the load exceeds the indications stated on the vehicle registration document, of any route directions that contradict the safety procedures put in place, and of any requests of any kind that breach French and European regulations, particularly the highway code. Time estimations are indicated by our customer service team or our drivers as an indication only. In accordance with Article 133-2 of the Trade Code, no compensation or penalties will be applicable for any delays encountered en route, although we constantly strive to ensure that such circumstances are avoided.

7 – Disputes:

The General Terms shall be governed by French law. In the event of any dispute regarding the interpretation or execution of any of the provisions of the General Terms and should the company and the client fail to come to an amicable agreement, the dispute shall be placed under the sole jurisdiction of the Justice Court of Nanterre, located at 4 rue Pablo Neruda, 92020 Nanterre Cedex, or any other jurisdiction chosen solely by Cardel Global.