When it was established in 1999, our company’s main aim was to provide all our clients with a service that set us apart from the competition. It was clear that, at that time, chauffeur service companies in Paris and indeed in France in general were not differentiating themselves from one another, each providing a standard transportation service for clients with various profiles. This was indeed the case of their corporate client-base, which was constantly on the move and had very specific demands. With this in mind, we decided to devote our activities to this segment by becoming the first French company to specialize in international corporate transportation in the early 2000s.
The expectation was such that it was an instant success, with Cardel Global rapidly becoming the preferred provider for French and European investment banks.

A French market leader and a key player in global ground transportation management in Europe, the group’s development reached a turning point in January 2012 with the opening of its Geneva branch and the winning of the ‘Global Operator of the Year’ Award at the LCT Show in Las Vegas the same year, followed by the opening of its New York office in January 2014 with the support and encouragement of its clients.

Quality standards

We have been carrying out quality control checks on all of our partners worldwide for many years.

Our company regularly commissions  ‘mystery’ services for the purposes of testing and ensuring the continuity of the level of service quality we aim to provide, whether in terms of the service provided by our drivers, their punctuality, the client pick-up procedure, courtesy, or the maintenance and cleanliness of the vehicles.




Worldwide Services


110 countries and 350 cities covered worldwide